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Chocolate Frosted Village (שוקולד מצופה כפר)

April 2012, Jerusalem, Israel

My House/Your House

Aug 2011, Bat Yam, Israel


2011, Jerusalem, Israel

How To Destroy a Gallery

Apr 2008, Maribor, Slovenia


Galena Fleet

Aug 2004, Yarmouth, ME

Pit #1

Oct 2002, Madison, WI


Aug 2001, Darmstadt, Germany


Jun 1999, Madison, WI

Rude Mechanical

May 1998, Madison, WI

Rude Mechanical

Feb 1998, Wausau, WI



Dec 1997, Madison, WI


Proposal: Greenhouse

Nov 1997, Madison, WI


Nov 1997, Madison, WI

Performance in Preparation for a Piece Involving 100 People

Nov 1997


Sep 1997, Madison, WI

The Spoons

Mar 1997, Madison, WI


You Are Probably Better Than They Are

Spr 1997, Madison, WI


Tiger in Your Tank

Spr 1997, Madison, WI

BINDING Documentation

Feb 1997, Madison, WI


Bake Sale Funding Consortium

Nov 1996, State College, PA

Ariadne's March

Nov 1996, Madison, WI

BIG RAW ONE Documentation

Nov 1996, Madison, WI

Excavation & Exchange

Oct 1996, Madison, WI


Oct 1996, Madison, WI

Heart (Shop/Nest)

Sept 1996, Madison, WI

John Henry Documentation

Mar 1996, Madison, WI

L/LE #2

May 1995, Madison, WI

L/LE #1

May 1995, Madison, WI


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