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Binding -Removing all the staples from a telephone pole, then wrapping it in homemade bandages on the last Friday of every month.

I Wish

Summer 1998, Madison, WI



Summer 1998, Madison, WI

You Are Already A Winner

Jun 1996, Various Locations

Untitled (Conceptual Artist Available)

Spr 2001, Madison, WI


Untitled (Ordinance)

Nov 2000, Madison, WI

I Love Holding Your Hand

Fall 2000, Madison, WI

My Signature Project

1995-Present, Various Locations

Life is But a Dream

Aug 2006, St Petersburg, Russia

I Wish

May 2001, Madison, WI


Bum I

Feb 2000, Chicago, IL

Bum I

Feb 1999, St Paul, MN


Binding Process

Aug 1998, Chicago, IL

The Sound of $1 Clapping

May 1998, Madison, WI


Nice Work If You Can Find It ($10/Hr for 8 Hrs)

May 1998, Madison, WI


Flag Day

Jun 1996, Madison, WI

You Are Already a Winner

Jun 1996

To Count Among the Sparrows

Dec 1995, Various locations



Sep 1995, Madison, WI

John Henry

Aug 1995, Madison, WI


Apr 1995, Madison, WI


Mar 1995, Madison, WI


Feb 1995, Madison, WI


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